18 June 2010

All Saints group

I am a facebook member of All Saints and just looked at their news today - not good, because I found a lot of cool things I like. But for now it has to go on my wishlist until I receive my first paycheck;)

The leggings are £45, shoes are £120, leather vest is £325 and the skirts are not on sale in the UK at the moment, but you can get them in the US.
- Christina


  1. Hi! I am looking for some feedback... I am borrowing that leather vest from a friend to wear to a red carpet event with my band... What would you pair it with? We are wearing mostly black but kinda an edgy rock look, and I also have a pair of brown leather boots to go with it :) thanks I appreciate the feedback!

  2. Hi Adschweda, great that you get to wear that leather vest - wish it was me!:-) I would pair it with an oversize top similar to one I have from Evil Twin (see post from the 31st of Dec 2010) and leather (or leather look a like) leggings. Hope that helps, it's an edgy look you won't get tired of. You are always welcome to get back for more feedback. Good luck:-)
    x Christina