23 October 2010

Another favorite place - London

Another place I love is London where I lived half a year ago. I am not going back before December and can't wait:) I usually start of in Topshop by Oxford Circus (especially like the bottom floor with different brands they don't sell in Denmark such as Yoki, TFC and Mina UK) , then continue to Selfridges, then Kings Road. One thing is for sure; I never go home empty handed.

The first picture from top is taken in Highbury, one of my favorite areas - I am wearing Dior sunglasses, ZARA trenchcoat, ZARA scarf, Gina Tricot trousers and boots bought on ebay. The next picture is after a shopping trip to Topshop as you probably can see from all the bags I am carrying:) I am wearing Filippa K coat, Virginia Johnson Scarf and Chanel bag. Third picture is taken close to where I used to lived in Highgate park, I am wearing Zara coat, hat from Topshop, leggings from Gina Tricot and Ugg boots.

Starbucks is something I really can't live without. I really hope they will open sometime soon next to where I live now! I am drinking Chai latte and eating a cheesecake:) Second picture at bottom is from Brighton beach and the shoes are a present from Kinne that she bought in Topshop. Last picture is infront of my friend's house in Highbury next to the neighbour's cute cat. I am wearing Marc Jacobs hairband, leather jacket from ZARA, scarf from Tolani, leather leggings and Minnetonka boots.

- Christina

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