24 May 2011

DANISH JEWELLERY - Rebekka Rebekka, Line&Jo & Maria Black

A big wish for my birthday (still another 4 months to go, but it's always good to have a few wishes up my sleeve) is new jewellery. My friend Danielle has a lot of cute bracelets, rings and necklaces that she got from flea markets and most of it it's rare vintage.

If I can't get a hold of anything similar my second option are the pictured ones. The only thing is most of them might contain nickel so it might be hard to get exactly what I like. Several times I have tried using a necklace which shouldn't contain nickel, but I'm still allergic. This has resulted in not buying all the jewellery that I would have bought otherwise.

The top picture is by Rebekka Rebekka and it's very similar to Line & Jo ( my boyfriend went to school with Jo, and I wish he still knew her so she could give me some discounts:)) and Maria Black.

The bottom picture is from Trendsales and it seems as if it should be fairly easy to make it yourself.
(Both pictures from Clamour4Glamour).

- Christina

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