14 October 2011


My favorite Spanish food is probably tapas. During my holiday last week I went to several good tapas bars. On my trip to Barcelona I went to a posh tapas bar called Cerveceria Catalana and it's considered to be the best tapas bar in town. An advice is to come early, it's extremely busy. On Saturday the waiting time was 1,5 hour and on a Sunday around 45 minutes. The crowd is a mix of Spanish and other nationalities, unfortunately it didn't feel proper Spanish as there were quite a lot of tourists there. But to me proper Spanish is Andalusia so Barcelona felt like an entire different country. Especially since most people speak catalan or English and the city is full of tourists where ever you go. Of course there are tourists in the Malaga area also, but I know where to go to experience the proper Spanish "ambiente".

Top picture is croquetas con jamon, tortillas de camarones, patatas bravas y ali oli (my favorite Spanish dressing) and mushrooms with jamon iberico. Second picture is gambas a la plancha and ali oli and the third from the same restaurant where I had the best grilled chicken ever. The restaurant is situated on the beach Malagueta and their concept during lunch is like a food auction. The waiter walks around with several different tapas and the person who yells out first gets to try the tapa.

The next picture is albondigas con tomate and the last two from Cerveceria Catalana. Their speciality was pan con tomate which is bread with a tomato sauce and when eaten with jamon iberico is delicious. We went out with some of my sister's friends, two of them from Denmark and the last one from Sweden.

I'm wearing cardigan American Apparal and jumpsuit from Pourqoui.

- Christina

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