19 April 2012


I have been considering getting the boots Elin is wearing and the trousers Lily is wearing, and seeing them in action helps my desicion. Now I just hope they still have them next week (I'm taking a tiny break from Zara as I spend too much money in that store!)

Pictures by Elin Kling and Lily.

- Christina


  1. Never seen the boots Elin is wearing in the zara store so can't give you any advice on them BUT i ordered the trousers above and was REALLY dissapointed by the fit- on me they looked more like a home wearing pants than trousers i could were in public ;) But perhaps it's just me! Can't wait to see what you're gonna do! ;)

  2. Hi Lafemmemode,
    Thanks a lot for your advice:) I was thinking about that as well, I think you have to wear heels in order to wear them in public. Will let you know how it turns out. Cool blog you got:)