31 January 2011

Shopping in H&M

Yesterday I went into town to have a look at H&M's new things for SS. It's funny with H&M, sometimes they have a lot and sometimes they don't have anything worth buying. Anyways, yesterday was one of those days where they had loads of cool new outfits. A scoop I discovered was one of the Lanvin dresses that was completely sold out in November was hanging in the sale department 50 % of the original price and in size 36. A shame I couldn't afford it this month.

Still can't get over how cool the suede jacket is (1199 kr.) and found some suede shorts that will definately go on my wishlist (599 kr.). The blazer is similar to one I have (299 kr.) and the skirt (179 kr.) would be perfect for work. Sorry for the blurry picture and the red nose, but I got a terrible cold so should probably have spent the day in bed and not shopping:)

- Christina

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