18 April 2011


I haven't had the chance to update any pictures of my trip to the zoo last weekend, but better late than never!

I'm wearing Ray ban sunglasses, Asos coat, Bianco Boots and Topshop bag.

I haven't been at the zoo for nearly ten years and it's funny how my perception of the animals had completely changed during the last ten years. I almost didn't like being there because I felt so sorry for the animals. Most of them didn't have that much room and the ice bear seemed slightly "mental". It was just swimming round and round in circles while people were watching. But no wonder they seemed a little "crazy" - it felt sort of like when the papparazi chases the celebrities with all the people queuing up just to have a look at the lion etc. The good thing is that they are making new areas so some of the animals have larger spaces. But I think I will wait a while to go there again and hope that next time I go I won't be that sad. What do you think - is it just me or ??

- Christina

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