27 April 2011

Summer Party Wear

I'm still looking for inspiration for summer party wear so I can celebrate all the summer parties I'm going to in style. I found this on Asos that might help you/me in finding the perfect summer party outfit:

Co-founder of Wildfox Couture Kimberly Gordon (1st picture) says: 'For parties a long lavender dress with a black necklace and black accessories, or a huge, oversized T-shirt with tiny shorts, feather earrings and lifted, flat wedge shoes (or barefoot!). For weddings, a little black party dress with a white rosary necklace and white clogs, or big, white high heels! For make-up, I’m into dark lipstick or no lipstick at all.'

Bib Ling blogger (2nd picture) says:
‘A fluorescent midi dress by Miu Miu with Prada wedge sandals, accessorised with a pink helium balloon tied to my pony tail and a big fat bow on top of my head.'

- Christina

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