14 February 2011

Zara and Topshop jacket & Acne/Gardenia look-a-like shoes

Sorry for being quiet this weekend, but I have been in Berlin – travel update will follow later this week:-)

I went into Zara a few days ago as I wanted to try to find the jacket I have been showing you a few times before. Unfortunately it wasn’t there and it must be because it’s already hard to get a hold of. I’ve found that blogger from BuytheWay also has it (first picture, seen on http://www.buytheway.se/).

Topshop has a similar one ( £135), although it’s more like a trench coat so still I prefer the one from Zara as I already have a trench coat.

The shoes on the bottom picture are from Bianco (600 kr.) and look quite similar to Gardenia’s boots and Acne’s pistol boots (see Friday). The SS collection from Bianco really have a lot of look-a-like and I must admit that they have done a good job. Often I wouldn’t go for the cheaper version if they looked too much like a copy, but I wouldn’t mind going for these.

- Christina

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