01 February 2011

Stylein SS 2011

This is the first time ever in ages that I have seen a collection and just want all of it (at least being something I can afford:)) I really like the simplicity of the whole collection, it seems useful for all occasions depending on shoes and accessories.

1st picture: Harmony trousers 1049 DKK and Fusion dress 1299 DKK.
2nd picture: Tie dress 1299 DKK, Honest top 949 DKK and Emotion dress 1149 DKK.
3rd picture: Pair shorts 1599 DKK, Emotion dress, Presence jacket 2399 DKK and Twosome dress 1449 DKK.

Get it on http://stylein.com

- Christina


  1. Ih, ku godt tænke mig den læderjakke og den mønstrede korte kjole :-)

  2. Ja, de er begge rigtig fine. Kunne også rigtig godt tænke mig den sorte kjole med hul til skulderen:)