09 March 2011

Steffie Christiaens Autumn 2011

During Paris fashion week, Dutch designer Steffie Christiaens showed her first collection - Fall 2011. I must say that for a first collection she has done a really good job. I hope she starts selling online and that the prices are affordable because I want it all!

"Steffie Christiaens established her Paris studio in 2010 to pursue a conceptual design process through womens & mens ready-to-wear collections. Prior to this, Steffie gained invaluable experience and savoir-faire in the atelier of Balenciaga and the artisanal ‘couture’ concept of the Maison Martin Margiela between 2007 and 2010.

Utilising her knowledge and training in the fields of fabric design, 3-D construction and printing, Steffie imbues a deep personal ideology and an abstract mythology into her garments. Constantly challenging traditional garment codes through her experimentation with elemental forces and the asymmetry of nature, Steffie Christiaens provokes a new dialogue in the converging realms of art and fashion" (http://www.steffiechristiaens.com/about).

- Christina

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