04 March 2011

Weekend discounts, Asos and Look Fantastic

If you are thinking about getting something from Asos anytime soon, remember to add this discount code:

20% off your next order

Also Look Fantastic offers free international shipping. I always buy Redken shampoos in the US, but when I'm not buying them there I always get them from Look Fantastic. Last time I used Look Fantastic I ordered several things from Korres and had it sent to an address in London as I was visiting my friend there. Their main shop is in Brighton and because of the terrible snow they nearly didn't make it out. However, my parcel arrived on a Sunday, the day before I was going back and the driver was told to get my delivery out otherwise he could loose his job. The package even ended up at someone else's house where they signed with my signature, but the delivery guy got suspicious and drove back and made sure they put everything back in my parcel as they already opened it. So one does not have to guess that I was really happy to get that package. Get it here.

- Christina

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