21 February 2012


Hope you managed to see the show live yesterday, I did, although I would rather have been at the spot. I already have favorites; and my top one is a black sweater with an owl. If you saw the show and like owls I'm sure you would have noticed that one. I also love their cluthes with animal heads, although I wish they would have been in silver and not gold. Besides from that their jackets are something I would wear often and they would be perfect for the weather here in London.

I'm not so sure about the shoes and skirts, but I would match the owl t-shirs and jackets with jeans and wedges instead. Their leather gloves with studs are also really cool, although again they should have been in silver. Unfortunately I couldn't find pictures of everything, but watch more of their collection and see the pictures in 3D (how cool is that!) here.

- Christina

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