08 February 2012


I never get tired of my Zara waxed trousers and Geri Hirsch has created a DIY tip so you can make them yourself.

How to: DIY Waxed Denim

You will need:
Heavy Duty Fabric Wax - otherwise known as Otter Wax ($10 bucks!)
Hair dryer
1. Lay your denim on a flat work surface. Starting from the bottom of your jeans, rub the wax in even strokes covering the entire surface.
Use your hairdryer to soften wax and smooth out with your fingers to create an even surface and create a waterproofing seal.

3. Hang your jeans in a cool-dry place for 24 hours to let the wax set.

Picture and text by Geri Hirsch.

- Christina

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