10 February 2012


One thing I miss about Copenhagen is how easy it is to get around the town on a bike. I don't think I can live without one here in London so I have been looking at several different bikes. They seem to be much more expensive overhere so have even considered getting it transported by boat. Another thing about UK bikes being different than the Danish kinds are the brakes, I really prefer not having to use my handbrakes.

Having said that, if I could go downhill on a mountainbike using handbrakes, I should be able to learn how to use them over here. Now is just the issue of the London traffic that I might find difficult to get used to, especially being spoiled with bike lanes everywhere you goin Copenhagen. The bikes I seem to find most similar to the Danish kinds are Vikings bike, and if I end up buying one here it will probably be this one. Unless someone Danish living in the UK wants to sell their bike to me:)

Pictures: first of Lily, second picture my own and third ebay co uk.

- Christina

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