30 April 2011


Shoes Topshop and the last pair of boots are my old boots from Bianco.

- Christina

The day upon the wedding

The day upon the wedding as you can probably see from the flags. People were partying on the streets and celebrated all night. Some houses are still decorated with the British flags and pictures of Will and Kate, quite fun to experience.

I have just gotten home from a shopping trip where I bought something I will show you soon, I can just say one things, it's really SS 2011!

Right now I'm sitting in my friend's garden enjoying the sun and a Frappucino from Starbucks.

I'm wearing T by Alexander Wang skirt, topshop shoes and Asos leather coat.

- Christina

29 April 2011


Shirt: Isabel Marant, jeans: Acne, boots: Acne, sunglasses: Ralph Lauren.


Kate's wedding dress

I have been at work all day so I haven't been able to see the actual wedding, but I still kept an eye on who the dress was designed by. As you you probably know by now, it's designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen. I can't miss the wedding entirely as I'm going to London in a few hours. And no I didn't plan to go for the wedding, but with all the hybe there has been (2 billion people all over the world has followed the wedding!) I can't help to be a little bit curious. I could actually run into them - or some of their guests at least.

- Christina


I keep going back to black and I think this dress is perfect for a night out - and the other good thing is it's really cheap! It would go with my grey Jeffrey Campbell wedges and a pink clutch. Pictures from http://www.trineswardrobe.dk/

Get it here.

- Christina

28 April 2011


I'm still a bit on doubt about buying clothes with colours so until now I really just want a colourful clutch to go with my dark wardrobe. I'm looking for one in pink to go with my nailpolish, but until now I haven't found any. The other day I went into Zara and found these ones that I also like. Get them here. Think I prefer the one in blue. Which one is your favorite? Pictures below seen on http://www.buytheway.se/.

- Christina

27 April 2011

Summer Party Wear

I'm still looking for inspiration for summer party wear so I can celebrate all the summer parties I'm going to in style. I found this on Asos that might help you/me in finding the perfect summer party outfit:

Co-founder of Wildfox Couture Kimberly Gordon (1st picture) says: 'For parties a long lavender dress with a black necklace and black accessories, or a huge, oversized T-shirt with tiny shorts, feather earrings and lifted, flat wedge shoes (or barefoot!). For weddings, a little black party dress with a white rosary necklace and white clogs, or big, white high heels! For make-up, I’m into dark lipstick or no lipstick at all.'

Bib Ling blogger (2nd picture) says:
‘A fluorescent midi dress by Miu Miu with Prada wedge sandals, accessorised with a pink helium balloon tied to my pony tail and a big fat bow on top of my head.'

- Christina

26 April 2011

Cat eye sunglasses

Models off-duty wearing cat eye sunglasses prove that these type of sunglasses must still be on-trend (picture Fashionising). I want some as well!

- Christina


I want a new pair of sandals this summer (or now!) and these ones I don't think I can't live without as they would go with everything in my wardrobe. Get them here.

- Christina

25 April 2011


I would love to own this outfit worn by Chiaria from Theblondesalad. I'm not sure that I can afford it all, but my favorites are the top from Zara and the shoes by Jeffrey Campbell (and the leather jacket by Bad Spirit). Pictures by Chiara.

- Christina


Today I have been soaking up the sun on a terrace at the harbour, while eating lots of good food including this pancake.

- Christina


Spring on the island of Bornholm.

- Christina

22 April 2011


Jeg forelskede mig i denne skjorte fra Isabel Marant, da jeg så den på Elin Kling tidligere i dag, og har nu købt den på mytheresa.com. Jeg synes den er rigtig fin, og jeg elsker den røde farve :-). Armbåndet fra Yvonne Kone har jeg også kigget på længe, og det er nu også på vej til mig :).

New shirt from Isabel Marant (picture borrowed from Elinkling) and new bracelet from Yvonne Kone.


Long Friday

I'm wearing Tsumori Chisato jacket, VS top, Topshop harem trousers and Minnetonka boots.

- Christina


I almost couldn't believe it myself, but this is not a beach on an island in the Carribean
ocean but on ... the island of Bornholm, Denmark! White sand and clear turquoise water, just as I like it.

- Christina

21 April 2011


I'm on Bornholm with my boyfriend and his family and with the weather being this good, it couldn't be any better. We are staying in a house right on the beach so for the next few days I will be spending most of my time sitting on a chair in the sun! Happy Easter to you all.

I'm wearing Dior sunglasses, Asos coat, We are owls scarf, Gina Tricot leggings, Evil Twin top, Topshop cardigan and Sam Edelman shoes.

- Christina


Yesterday I went out for tapas on a really good tapas bar on Viktoriagade on Vesterbro. I was sitting outside until ten at night, and if it wasn't for the cold wind it almost felt like being in Spain. The tapas bar is definately worth a visit - a bit pricey (420 kr for ten tapas) but it almost tasted like in Spain.

- Christina

20 April 2011


Next on my wishlist is this Cheap Monday dress worn by Elin Kling. Although most of my money will go on my shopping trip to London next weekend (no I'm not going there for the wedding, but to see my friend who just got a new flat in Fulham aka Shopaholic's neighbourhood;) it's fairly cheap as in 399 kr. Get it here.
(Pictures by Elin Kling).

- Christina


I'm wearing top H&M, skirt ZARA, shoes Bianco, Ray ban sunglasses and scarf Virginia Johnson.

- Christina

19 April 2011


I'm not particularly into festivals, can count the number I have been to on one hand, but the Coachella festival would definately be something I would have liked to go to, and then I would wear an outfit similar to Nicole Richie's (Winter Kate flying fox floral shrug + Ksubi "Bellatrix" round sunglasses) or Elin Kling's outfit.

Kinne- have you received your Ralph Lauren sunglasses yet (Kinne has bought the same ones as Elin Kling is wearing above:) and how do they look? Pictures please:)

- Christina

Asos Party dresses

As I have already mentioned a few times before I have many birthday parties to go to within the next couple of months - five, as it looks now. At the moment I'm mostly in to the one shoulder dresses and I keep going back to dark colour dresses - although it would be good to have one in a brighter colour, you can never go wrong with black.

All the dresses are from Asos (between £20-70).

- Christina

18 April 2011


I haven't had the chance to update any pictures of my trip to the zoo last weekend, but better late than never!

I'm wearing Ray ban sunglasses, Asos coat, Bianco Boots and Topshop bag.

I haven't been at the zoo for nearly ten years and it's funny how my perception of the animals had completely changed during the last ten years. I almost didn't like being there because I felt so sorry for the animals. Most of them didn't have that much room and the ice bear seemed slightly "mental". It was just swimming round and round in circles while people were watching. But no wonder they seemed a little "crazy" - it felt sort of like when the papparazi chases the celebrities with all the people queuing up just to have a look at the lion etc. The good thing is that they are making new areas so some of the animals have larger spaces. But I think I will wait a while to go there again and hope that next time I go I won't be that sad. What do you think - is it just me or ??

- Christina

17 April 2011


Today I went to watch an art exhibition by Picasso at Louisiana and wore this:

Ray ban sunglasses, Zara coat, Virginia Johnson scarf, Topshop bag and boots Bianco.

- Christina

Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy Wood

On my wishlist for all the summer parties I'm going to. Get them here.

- Christina