31 October 2011


Carvela has always got a great selection of party shoes and when I first saw these I realised they would go perfect with a little black dress for Christmas and New Year's. Get them here.

- Christina

29 October 2011


I dag var jeg på Cafe Europa med min kæreste og få den bedste brunch! De gør altså lidt ekstra ud af det på Europa, og det er anderledes end det, man kan få alle andre steder, synes jeg. Jeg fik også lige skrevet mig på venteliste til Iphone 4s, som de nok får start næste uge :-D.

The best brunch EVER if you ask me (Cafe Europa, Denmark)

I'm wearing: Jacket: Isabel Marant, top: Zara, jeans: Acne, boots: Zara, scarf: Gina Tricot and clutch: Yvonne Kone.



As you can notice from my blog a few days ago I'm really into sequins at the moment. I prefer them dark but coloured ones look good too. I'm in London this weekend so think I will have a look at Topshop and Zara for a sequined skirt.

Pictures by Stockholm Streetstyle.

- Christina

28 October 2011


Here is our weekly update on celebrities as I missed it on Wednesday. I like everything about this look.

Pictures by Spanish Vogue.

- Christina

27 October 2011


On my wishlist next month is this Evil Twin dress. At the moment I love everything with sequins and it would be perfect for the soon to come Christmas parties.

- Christina

26 October 2011


I'm wearing: Jacket: Isabel Marant, top: Zara, jeans: Zara, boost: Zara, bag: Alexander Wang and scarf: Virginia Johnson.


25 October 2011


This weekend I will be in London and I always wear flat shoes when shopping there, and wouldn't mind to wear all of the above.

Pictures by Stockholm streetstyle.

- Christina

24 October 2011

New in from Zara

Mine forældre er lige kommet hjem fra Madrid med følgende ting fra Zara til mig :). Jeg tror de sætter pris på, at jeg sørger for at de får set samtlige Zara butikker, når de er på ferie. Haha :)


23 October 2011


I'm wearing: Jacket: Isabel Marant, top: Brandy Melville, trousers: Zara, boots: Notabene, scarf: Gina Tricot and bag: Stella Mccartney.



I have lost my all time favorite Evil Twin jacket! I really can't live without it. I have searched on many websites, but no one sells it anymore. If you have seen it anywhere please let me know.

- Christina

20 October 2011


I'm normally pro real fur coats, but I really like these coats. Get them here.

Pictures by GT Fur.

- Christina

19 October 2011


Every Wednesday from now we will try to do a post about our favorite celebrities and their style. This week I've found pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Whatever they are wearing they always look really cool and they seem to look more and more alike so it's almost difficult to tell them apart.

Pictures from Bare style.

- Christina

18 October 2011

17 October 2011


In Barcelona I went to several different Zaras and got all this. I can't believe how much cheaper it is in Spain than here in Denmark. Maybe I should go back soon just so I could shop in Zara. They have a lot of cool stuff I want at the moment, especially their shoes.

- Christina

16 October 2011


Ronda is another beautiful town in Spain and it was my second time there. When I went there two years ago there weren't that many tourists, but this time round it was full of tourists. Nevertheless, that didn't take the charm from it and the views over the mountains are fantastic. On the way there we stopped several times to admire the view as on the top pictures.

I'm wearing Siren top, Asos shoes, Alexander Wang bucket bag and Ray Ban sunglasses.

- Christina

15 October 2011


I'm wearing: Jacket: Isabel Marant, sweater: Zara, jeans: Day Birger et Mikelsen and boots: Acne.



Other good Spanish food are their desserts such as flan or crema catalan, and Cienfuego that I have mentioned previously had really good desserts.

In Barcelona I lived on the Rambla right across from a known Spanish food market. It's open daily until 8pm except from Sundays. We came on a Friday evening just before they were closing and the advantage of that is that they sell all their smoothies etc. that haven't been sold cheaper. We even got some for free.

I'm wearing Evil Twin jacket, We are Owls scarf, T by Alexander Wang skirt and Asos shoes.

- Christina

14 October 2011


My favorite Spanish food is probably tapas. During my holiday last week I went to several good tapas bars. On my trip to Barcelona I went to a posh tapas bar called Cerveceria Catalana and it's considered to be the best tapas bar in town. An advice is to come early, it's extremely busy. On Saturday the waiting time was 1,5 hour and on a Sunday around 45 minutes. The crowd is a mix of Spanish and other nationalities, unfortunately it didn't feel proper Spanish as there were quite a lot of tourists there. But to me proper Spanish is Andalusia so Barcelona felt like an entire different country. Especially since most people speak catalan or English and the city is full of tourists where ever you go. Of course there are tourists in the Malaga area also, but I know where to go to experience the proper Spanish "ambiente".

Top picture is croquetas con jamon, tortillas de camarones, patatas bravas y ali oli (my favorite Spanish dressing) and mushrooms with jamon iberico. Second picture is gambas a la plancha and ali oli and the third from the same restaurant where I had the best grilled chicken ever. The restaurant is situated on the beach Malagueta and their concept during lunch is like a food auction. The waiter walks around with several different tapas and the person who yells out first gets to try the tapa.

The next picture is albondigas con tomate and the last two from Cerveceria Catalana. Their speciality was pan con tomate which is bread with a tomato sauce and when eaten with jamon iberico is delicious. We went out with some of my sister's friends, two of them from Denmark and the last one from Sweden.

I'm wearing cardigan American Apparal and jumpsuit from Pourqoui.

- Christina