30 November 2010


Sweater: Lindex, trousers: Designers Remix Collection and boots: Notabene.


Net-a-porter shoe selection

Yesterday I was thinking of what dresses I really wanted to wear for Christmas and New Years and today my mind keeps going back to shoes - a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. Here is a selection of what styles are really popular at the moment.

- Christina

Cool winter :)

Top: Helmut Lang, cardigan: Acne, boots: UGG, jacket: Acne and leather trousers: Helmut Lang.


I miss...

Lige nu drømmer jeg om sol, sommer, sommertøj og L.A.. Det er godt nok blevet vinter i Danmark :-(


Jimmy Choo & Ugg

Uggs continue to be popular with celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, as well as with Kinne and I:) I really like these ones, wish they weren't that expensive because then I would definately buy them.

Get them on http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/95050 if you have 740 euros.

- Christina

29 November 2010


Jeg har for nogle dage siden købt UGG vinterstøvlerne, som jeg også bloggede om her, på Ebay, da de kun koster omkring 1300 kr inkl. forsendelse på Ebay, mens de koster 2500 kr i butikkerne her i Danmark.
Et andet Ebay-køb er en lille pelshale, da jeg for tiden er ret vild med pelshaler, der hænger og pynter på tasker. Jeg har købt denne pelshale (nederste billede), som jeg vil hænge på mine tasker ligesom på det midterste billede som er fra carolinesmode.
Glæder mig SÅ meget til at modtage begge dele - savner også virkelig nogle ordentlige vinterstøvler de her dage :-(

New boots from UGG (bought on Ebay) and new fur tail (also bought on Ebay).


What I want to wear today if it wasn't snowing..

Love this leather jacket that Ginta Lapina is wearing, I assume it's Rick Owens. The outfit looks like something I could be wearing, however not at the moment with all this snow!!

- Christina

Eva Evanovich

I got a comment from anonymous viewer who said she loved the dresses from Eva Evanovich so I decided to take a closer look on the brand that I just recently discovered. The dresses are quite unique, so I think by wearing them you will both get comments and be able to stand out from other people. Both for Christmas and New Year they would be perfect.

Eva Evanovich is a label that tries to educate fashionistas about who pays the cost of cheap clothing. The companies clothes are made only in the UK and the EU and abide by Eco friendly regulations. It looks as if it is only possible to buy them online, but íf you know any stores that sell them please let me know.

The ‘Eva Evanovich Q’ line was launched in 2007 at London Fashion Week and the new 2009/2010 diffusion line was inspired with an Urban ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in mind. The range features ‘origami-styled’ dresses which concentrate on carefully cut silhouettes, intricate pleats and folds to create an illusion of volume and structure. The collection also makes use of structured "power shoulders" that are a major trend this season.

The dress pictured is on sale from £80 to £41.50, so I might get it as I really like it. The cape is £180, and you can get it all here: http://www.asos.com/

- Christina

28 November 2010


Jacket: Elizabeth and James, scarf: Virginia Johnson, bag: Topshop, leggings: Gina Tricot and boots: Hunter.


My 10 favorites from Zara

Kinne and I went into town today and I had a preview of what I might be buying when I go to London next weekend. Found a lot of things and cheated a bit already by buying another winter jacket (no. 2). I actually wanted one from Rützou, but when I tried it on it wasn't something I was prepared to pay that much for although it was a really warm jacket. So instead I bought something much cheaper and I am sure it will keep me warm in tomorrow morning's snowstorm and the minus 17 degrees (it is only - 3, but the weather channel said it should feel like - 17!). My plan was to go to work on my bike, but think I might jump on the train instead because I don't think I will manage biking in that kind of weather.. Unfortunately the weather forecast promises snow in London too, buy I really hope they got that wrong.

1. Shoulder bag 679 kr.
2. Down feather jacket 799 kr.
3. Coat with hood 799 kr.
4. Sweater with fur shoulders 459 kr.
5. Biker boots 999 kr.
6. Leopard blazer (don't sell it in DK).
7. Dress 399 kr.
8. Leather skirt (don't sell it in DK).
9. Leather bag 999 kr.
10. Military sweater 259 kr.

- Christina

27 November 2010

S//bar shoes

On my way back from the cinema today I saw a shop where they had loads of the style of shoes I'm looking for at the moment. They are all from the Danish brand Shoe Shi bar and cost between 300-500 kr. You can find them here:

Sorry for the lines in the picture, but my photoshop teacher took the evening off:)

- Christina

My 10 favorite Asos party dresses

1. ASOS WHITE Cupro Oversized Dress £75.00

2. ASOS Feather Corset Dress £150

3.  Aqua Cut Out Cuckoo Dress £95

4. ASOS Embellished Crop Top Ruffle Dress £120

5. Whistles Drew Animal Print Utility Dress £135

6. ASOS Flower Embellished Slash Detail 60's Dress £95

7. AWear Dropped Waist Godet Dress £35
8. ASOS Fringed Flapper Dress £46

9. Eva Evanovich Dress With Structred Fold £105

10. Eva Evanovich Contrast Bandeau Fold Dress £105
- Christina


I'm wearing: Fur: Topshop, scarf: Gina Tricot, trousers: Acne, boots: Hunter, bag: Topshop.


26 November 2010

Topshop bag and knit

I am still sticking to black for a while and found a pouch bag similar to the one I used to have from Topshop. The one I had broke shortly after I got it so a bit afraid of the quality of the above bag. It's looks nice though.. £65 from Topshop and the cool knit is £45.

- Christina

2011 = 70's look

I heard some rumours that next year it's all going to be about the 70's. Shortly after I've found out that it's actually true: next year we will go back to the Bohemian style. I am not sure I am fond of the 70's style, but when the Bohemian aka Sienna Miller were all big news in the fashion industry in 2005 I actually liked the style. I remember going shopping in Melrose and in vintage stores in London founding loads of good stuff that I still today can't get myself to throw out. Maybe I will use it again next year, one thing is for sure, I love the light fabric and light colours. I am not sure the style will go well with the Danish winter - if the snow keeps falling like it has the last few says, but hopefully this is the only cold weather we will have this winter (probably not, but one can always wish).

"While '70s fashion is making waves and sure to continue on as a fashion trend in 2011, let's not forget that there are several variants. And you know what that means; all the more ways to get lots of wear out of your key seventies pieces, by taking them from '70s boho to a more sophisticated '70s look".

- Christina

25 November 2010


I love the Isabel Marant jacket, the leather trousers, the sneakers and the scarf from Lala Berlin.



Chrismas clearance sale - Henrik Vibskov & Stine Goya

I have already been to a Henrik Vibskov clearance recently and didn't really find anything special, but maybe this one will be better.

- Christina
Think I am in need of some new nail polish ( would go really well with my 50 + collection). I already have Essie's winter colours, but really like these ones from Chanel. I prefer Essie as I think they last longer than Chanel and always buy mine on Ebay.

- Christina

Gift ideas

Would definately buy the owl mug or put it on my wish list:)

Lingerie - Topshop
New band: Zeno and The Stoics

Owl mug: Topshop

Book : The Gentle Woman

Boots:  Yube

Cakes: Eat Me Cakes

Snow woman Socks - Topshop

Necklace - Forbidden Sugar and Pocahontas necklace - Patricia Nicolas


- Christina

24 November 2010


My new sweater from the Swedish brand Lindex (250 kr). Buy it here: Lindex


Streetstyle inspiration

Love the electic/thrown together look on the first two pictures. Third picture: Top and trousers by Tiger of Sweden, bag by Topshop, fourth picture Natasha Poly and fifth picture blogger Patricia Nicolas- well what is there to say besides from LONDON - only one week and two days then I will be there too, Christmas shopping:)

- Christina

23 November 2010

I really need some warm winter boots

Lige nu sner det udenfor og jeg har ingen varme vinterstøvler :-(. Når man bor i Danmark, bliver man jo nødt til at eje nogle vinterstøvler, men jeg synes generelt ikke vinterstøvler er så pæne desværre.
Fandt dog disse vinterstøvler fra UGG som jeg ret godt kan lide. De er varme, af læder og biker-inspirerede, så dem ville jeg virkelig gerne eje i vinterperioden.  Jeg overvejer lidt at købe dem, men der skal først sælges lidt ud så.

I really like these biker and leather winter boots from UGG. I have to sell some of my stuff so I can afford them.

Spotted: Sienna Miller looking stylish as she steps off the plane at London Heathrow Airport recently. In ordre to get her style try to put J Brand’s cargos with a hat, scarf and lace up boots to get Sienna’s effortless look. In the beginning I didn't like the lace up boots a lot but I started to like them quite a lot so think I will get some soon.


1. Anda & Masha My Old Man Felt Hat $298

2. Rosegold Genie Lace Up Bootie $185

3. Leigh & Luca Scarf $105

4. Daftbird Long Sleeve Henley in Camel $80

5. J Brand Houlihan Cargos $230

- Christina

Kate Moss aka style made simple

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Kate Moss but not for long. Because you can get her style too by wearing all black and then highlighting everything with the prettiest scarf you can find (I definately prefer large scarfs). It sounds simple and with the weather conditions at the moment there is no excuse.

1. See by Chloe Black Long Double-Breasted Classic Jacket ($620) or find something similar at Topshop or ZARA much cheaper.
2. J Brand Hewson Low Rise Skinny Leg Jeans ($260) or find something similar and cheaper at Topshop or Cheap Monday.

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Sia T Cross Body Bag ($248) or again find something just it in Topshop.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Half Boots ($385)

Extremely cool with five buckles and zipper, roundtoe and comfortable 3cm heel with a slim shaft in half length. A dream for cool fall day. Pair with leather leggings, tube jeans, hippie dresses - love them and want them, but have something similar and chaeper from ZARA.

5. Tolani Zebra Print Scarf ($99)

Exotic-print separates like the Tolani Zebra Print Scarf are the easy-chic way to update your look in a flash! Wrap this ultra-soft scarf over everything from dresses and outerwear to city tailoring - think that's my next scarf buy. Will find it on Ebay.

- Christina

Lanvin H&M

Already a few hours after H&M in Denmark launched their Lanvin collections, they were sold out. Although I don't like the colours I really like the style of the dress, but I guess it's too late..

- Christina