30 April 2012


While I take time to adjust to the brighter colours I would wear something like the above. You can never go wrong with black!
Denim jacket by Gestuz, clutch by Zara, shoes by Black Lily, bag by Boyy x 2, dress with one shoulder by Iro and dress by Prim I Am.
- Christina

29 April 2012


I wouldn't mind having a home looking like this - plain and simple.

Pictures by House Beautiful

- Christina

28 April 2012


Can you guess which ones I got - Acne look a like or Sam Edelman look a like?

Get them here.

- Christina

27 April 2012

26 April 2012


If I had to wear white this summer it had to be something like this by J. JS Lee (Jackie Lee). The details are really cool and make them everything other than boring plain white.

- Christina

25 April 2012


I love these boots from Aldo - they look really similar to some I have seen from Opening Ceromony. Think I need to pop into Aldo this week!

Pictures by Caroline.

- Christina

24 April 2012


I have been thinking about getting the brass frette stool for ages, but when I saw the wood stool from French Connection Home I couldn't make up my mine. I wish I could bring my wood stool that Kinne gave me, but it's a bit too heavy to bring on the plane.

- Christina

23 April 2012


Every Spring I want to wear other colours than black and grey, and this outfit from Wackerhaus would be an outfit I would love to wear.

Pictures by Buytheway.

- Christina

22 April 2012


The last week has been terrible rainy and cold, but today Spring is back. My sister has been here all week so besides from spending our evenings in Topshop we have also been out in Soho. We went to a really good vietnamese restaurant; I think my new favorite place for going out in Soho is Wardour street.

- Christina

21 April 2012


Snapshots from Coachella - although I'm not a festival person I wouldn't mind being at this festival.

Pictures by Geri Hirsch & Just Jared.

- Christina

20 April 2012


Recently I found so many things that I like from Gestuz. I cam't wait to wear my new leather coat, I just hope this English rainy weather will stop soon and that it will feel like Spring and not Autumn. This coat would be perfect for the weather as it is now and I love the fact that it contains leather.

Get it here.

Pictures by Camille.

- Christina

19 April 2012


I have been considering getting the boots Elin is wearing and the trousers Lily is wearing, and seeing them in action helps my desicion. Now I just hope they still have them next week (I'm taking a tiny break from Zara as I spend too much money in that store!)

Pictures by Elin Kling and Lily.

- Christina

18 April 2012


I'm wearing: Shirt: Erin Wasson, trousers: Zara and boots: Ganni.



Last year I bought this bag in the Alexander Wang store in New York. I had been wanting it for a while, but wasn't sure which colour I wanted it in. I ended up getting it in blue and silver and haven't regretted it. The only thing is that I have only had it for a bit more than six months and it already looks like I had it for six years! I have always kept it in a bag and not put too mant things in it when using it, but I have to admit that it is not worth the price as the quality is worse off than a £20 bag from H&M. Have you got any experience similar to mine?

- Christina

17 April 2012


As you can see I love everything with owls. One of my favorite owl dresses is one Kinne gave me for my birthday a few years ago (Tsumori Chisato). Kinne has also given me the earrings and the black owl (from Thailand) and another friend has given me the silver owl. Glad that my friends know me that well so they know just what I like:)

- Christina

16 April 2012


I'm not a big fan of Gina Tricot, but after seeing Trine wearing Gina Tricot I started to change my mind. I really like the mix between the white and black outfits.

- Christina

15 April 2012

14 April 2012


Jacket: H&M, top: Isabel Marant, jeans: Zara and boots: Ganni.


12 April 2012


Kinne has been busy with exams, so instead I will show you what she got recently. She got them in black, but I really like this colour as well. They are really similar to the pair I have from Sam Edelman so I should probably not get them (although I really want them!)

- Christina

11 April 2012


The other day my boyfriend's mother gave me this leatherjacket as a delayed Christmas present. I love it!

- Christina

10 April 2012


I have two tops from Blake and I plan to get much more. At the moment they are my favorite Danish brand and it's not often that I find a brand where I want everything from their collection. Can't wait until their next collection hits the stores. Get more here.

- Christina