31 August 2011


I have been wanting a denim shirt for ages and I won't leave New York before I have found one!

Top picture by AW.

- Christina

30 August 2011


Jeg var på kig efter de grønne slangeskindsbukser fra Whyred i dag, som jeg også har vist her på bloggen tidligere, men de skulle først komme i butikkerne til oktober. I stedet fandt jeg så disse bluser og de fine øreringe fra Line&Jo som jeg har kigget på længe.

New black top from Zara, new earrings from Line&Jo (Danish brand) and new sweater from Urban Outfitters.



Pictures from a few weeks ago when my American "sister" came to visit. She is only 16 and already a much better photographer than I am. Wish we had the same opportunity to take photography classes in elementary school as they do in the US. But it's never to late to practice so that's what I will keep doing so I'm better equipped for my trip to New York next week.

I'm wearing Zara trousers, Asos leather coat, Evil Twin top, Bianco boots, Topshop bag, Ray Ban sunglasses and JKC bracelets.

- Christina

29 August 2011


I'm looking for some new boots for fall and although my initial plan would have been to go with a pair in beige I might have changed my mind. My favorites are the ones from Sam Edelman and I can't decide on the black leather or the beige suede option. What do you think?

Get them here: Sam Edelman, ZARA, Black Lily, Dico, Ganni, Dico, Topshop.

1st picture from Clamour 4 glamour.

- Christina

27 August 2011


Jeg opdagede lige i dag at Chanels nye efterårs-neglelakker var kommet i butikkerne. Stod i lang tid og kunne ikke beslutte mig hvilken en af de tre farver, jeg skulle vælge, men det endte med at blive "Peridot" som er guld/grøn i farven. Jeg tror dog, at jeg bliver nødt til at anskaffe mig en af de andre farver også.

My new trousers from Day Birger et Mikkelsen (Danish Brand) and new nail polish from Chanel (Peridot).

- Kinne


When I first started watching The Hills a few years ago, I noticed that Lauren always made the cutest bang braids and after that I have worn my hair like that every single day. Some days she also made a different braid and I completely forgot about it until I saw these pictures. Here is how you do it:

  • "Part your hair slightly off-center. On the heavier side, grab a section at your hairline. split it into three.
Start it just like you would a regular french braid.
  • Next add in a piece of hair from the top, still like a regular french braid.
  • Now skip the part where you’d grab a new piece from the bottom + keep braiding instead.
  • Then take another piece from the top + add it in.
  • Continue with this pattern until you have 5-7 sections added in.
  • once you’re just past the ear, stop adding in new hair. Just do a regular braid + tie it off with a clear elastic like Lauren’s in the top picture".
Pictures and text by The beauty department.

- Christina

25 August 2011


I'm really into huge sweaters with skinny jeans or a skirt at the moment and Elin proves how cool a relaxing outfit can look. I would wear this outfit on a grey Sunday.

Top from Weekday (Men) and pictures by Elin.

- Christina

24 August 2011


In a few days I will be in New York celebrating my birthday, and what better way to do it than to go shopping in one of the greatest shopping cities in the world.

- Streetstyle pictures by Elle.

- Christina

22 August 2011

Black monday

Leather jacket: Muubaa, body: Topshop, trousers: Helmut Lang and loafers: Topshop.



More pictures from a great evening with the some of my best friends.

- Christina

21 August 2011

Christina's birthday party

I'm wearing: Top: Helmut Lang, jeans: Zara and boots: Acne.

Christina is wearing: Dress: Aqua, shoes: Topshop, bracelets: Jessica Kagan Cushman and vintage necklace.


18 August 2011


I don't think I have ever seen Kate looking anything but good, and her wedding pictures are no exceptions. One of my friends had a country/garden wedding just like this, and although weddings are not on the top of my list, weddings like these might lead me to change my mind.

- Christina

17 August 2011


I'm still living the feeling that summer is here, at least for the month of August. But although summer is here and I associate black as the colour more suitable for a colder season, these streetstyle pictures prove that black is an all season colour.

Pictures by Stockholm Streetstyle.

- Christina

16 August 2011


I dag købte jeg disse bukser for kun 300 kr i Zara. Jeg kan rigtig godt lide, at de er skinnende i stoffet og ligner læder, og så elsker jeg den bordeaux farve.

My new jeans from Zara. I love the color and the waxed coating on the jeans which makes them look like leather.



On Sunday I went out for a walk with my American 'sister' and explored the city.

I'm wearing Asos leather coat, Ewil Twin top, Zara trousers, Bianco boots, JKC bracelets and Guess watch.

- Christina