31 October 2010


Et lidt sløret billede som er taget i Topshop i lørdags.

I'm wearing: Shearling jacket: CCDK, trousers: Designers Remix Collection, shoes: Camilla Skovgaard and bag: Alexander Wang.


Stay Copenhagen

Just got back from a weekend away with my boyfriend. Actually we didn't go too far, only to the other side of the bridge to Stay http://www.staycopenhagen.dk/. They offered me a weekend there and their appartment- hotel is really cool. Maybe the coming fashion week will be held there and I can definately see why. With views over the harbour or the park there is no cooler location.

I am wearing the same cardigan that Kinne has from ZARA, trousers from Topshop, top from Victoria's Secret and shoes bought on Ebay.

- Christina

House of Dagmar

I went into town the other day and found a jacket that I got to have! It's the brown one on the picture from Swedish "House of Dagmar" (3100 kr).



I'm wearing: Jacket: Topshop, sweater: Zara, jeans: Acne, boots: Notabene and clutch: Yvonne Kone.


27 October 2010


Jeg elsker Barcelona, og jeg elsker de juice, man kan købe til kun 1 euro - de smager bare helt fantastisk.

I love the juices you can buy in Barcelona for only 1 euro.
I'm wearing a jacket from Zara in the picture.



I bought this sweater and the black top with leather pocket in Zara in Barcelona :-).


Cardigans that I wanted to wear today

As you might notice from the title it has been terrible weather today. Both Kinne and I didn't have a fun day either; Kinne had an exam and I had to work. I think I would have been happier if I would have been wearing any of these three cardigans:)

 Brown cardigan from White Asos 650 kr. (love the colour), black cardigan from One Teaspoon Revolution (www.oxideret.dk) 600 kr. and grey cardigan from Samsoe & Samsoe, 600 kr.

- Christina

26 October 2010

And Barcelona... :-)

Barcelona last week
I'm wearing: New scarf: Zara (bought in Barcelona), jacket: Muubaa, jeans: Acne and boots: Notabene.


Outfit Barcelona

Barcelona last week
Jeg ved godt jeg ser meget meget træt ud på billederne, men det var også tidligt om morgenen :-)..

I'm wearing: New t-shirt and cardigan: Hakei (bought in Barcelona), trousers: Designers Remix Collection, boots: Notabene and bag: Alexander Wang.


Faux fur & Shearling-chic

Just discovered these cool winter jackets and accessories from Asos.


25 October 2010


29 October · 13:00 - 23:00

LocationUplandsgade 56 (Porten), 2300 Kbh S

Created by:


Marc by Marc Jacobs // Månestråle

fre. d. 29/10 kl. 13-21
lør. d. 30/10 kl. 10-18
søn. d. 31/10 kl. 12-16

Uplandsgade 56 (Porten)
2300 Kbh S

Vi modtager dankort og kontanter!

Bus: 2A mod Lergravsparken. Stå af ved Holmbladsgade/Prags Allé

Vi ses!

Dreaming of.. Spain

Last year my boyfriend gave me a trip to Malaga, Spain for my graduation. Two weeks after I went back again for my dad's birthday. I used to live in Seville some years ago so it was nice to finally be back.

Plaza de España: Lauren Moshi top, www.ebay.com $100.
Marbella: Jumpsuit from Pourquoi, chanel bag, Asos fringe sandals, bracelets from Jessica Kagan Cushman, watch Guess and nailpolish "Really Red" from Essie.

- Christina

Barcelona 2

Barcelona last week
Endnu et billede fra Barcelona. Denne gang er det dog bare taget med min Iphone og kvaliteten er derfor slet ikke på niveau med den franske bloggers billede :).

I'm wearing: Jacket from Muubaa and army jeans from Topshop.


24 October 2010


I Barcelona mødte jeg en sød fransk blogger, der ville tage et billede af mig til sin blog- lidt sejt :). Her er billedet hun tog. Tjek li hendes blog ud- der er virkelig mange gode billeder. Det kamera hun havde skal jeg også ha' købt : Will you meet my fashion-eye | Street Style Photography

I met a girl called Marie from France in Barcelona last week (Catalunya Square) and she took a picture of me for her blog. Check it out (she has many cool pictures): Will you meet my fashion-eye | Street Style Photography


Sunday Sale

The weekend is almost over, but you can still make a last shopping spree on www.solastseason.dk

- Christina

Cool blog - buytheway

Really like the skull sweater from Devastee 1850 kr., the cardigan from ZARA, jeans from Cheap Monday (they look like a cheaper version of the Helmut Lang jeans I have showed earlier) and the Acne jacket.

- Christina

23 October 2010

Love her style - Rachel Bilson

Shearling-Lined Ankle Boots

Look a like Rick Owens

I don't think I will be able to afford the Rick Owens leather jacket that I really want, but this leather waistcoat from Topshop is really similar. £95 on www.topshop.com.

- Christina

Zoe - Sam Edelman

My friend has been looking at these boots for a while now, and the more I look at them, the more I like them. Get them on www.nordstrom.com, 1950 kr.

- Christina

Another favorite place - London

Another place I love is London where I lived half a year ago. I am not going back before December and can't wait:) I usually start of in Topshop by Oxford Circus (especially like the bottom floor with different brands they don't sell in Denmark such as Yoki, TFC and Mina UK) , then continue to Selfridges, then Kings Road. One thing is for sure; I never go home empty handed.

The first picture from top is taken in Highbury, one of my favorite areas - I am wearing Dior sunglasses, ZARA trenchcoat, ZARA scarf, Gina Tricot trousers and boots bought on ebay. The next picture is after a shopping trip to Topshop as you probably can see from all the bags I am carrying:) I am wearing Filippa K coat, Virginia Johnson Scarf and Chanel bag. Third picture is taken close to where I used to lived in Highgate park, I am wearing Zara coat, hat from Topshop, leggings from Gina Tricot and Ugg boots.

Starbucks is something I really can't live without. I really hope they will open sometime soon next to where I live now! I am drinking Chai latte and eating a cheesecake:) Second picture at bottom is from Brighton beach and the shoes are a present from Kinne that she bought in Topshop. Last picture is infront of my friend's house in Highbury next to the neighbour's cute cat. I am wearing Marc Jacobs hairband, leather jacket from ZARA, scarf from Tolani, leather leggings and Minnetonka boots.

- Christina

Want to go back... to Venezuela!

Three years ago I lived in Venezuela, while studying marketing. Especially now as winter is getting closer and closer I miss it a lot. A place I can definately recommend is Los Roques - hundreds of small islands in the Carribean, definately the most beautiful place I have ever been. The only downside is that it is really expensive-both to go there and to stay there. If you pay a Venezuelan travel agency in American Dollars you are able to get a huge discount. Buying a small ice cream there was three times as expensive as ice creams in Denmark, so definately go all inclusive.

The pictures are taken at Morrocoy, another pretty beach town 5 hours from Caracas, and Isla Margarita. If you ever go to Isla Margarita from the mainland remember to buy the ferry ticket in advance - my boyfriend and I had to queue for six hours just to be able to get a ferry ticket for the day after. Everything takes longer there so don't count on trusting Lonely Planet, unless it is the newest version:)

- Christina

22 October 2010

New in - Victoria's Secret

Although it will take a while before going back to the US I can't survive without my daily/monthly VS check. Just discovered these cool laptop cases, $30, wish I had a Macbook to go with it! Really like the slouchy slippers too ($34.50) http://www.victoriassecret.com/.

- Christina

21 October 2010

Kinne shopping in ZARA:)

Kinne is probably shopping at this moment in ZARA in Barcelona, so here is just a preview of what she might be looking at (as you might notice I am a bit envious:). Love the colours!

- Christina

Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Little Kelsey Cross Body Bag

I looked at this bag for ages and really want it. 6 months ago you could get it on http://www.shopbop.com/ for $124, but it's out of stock now. Hope they get it back soon!
- Christina

19 October 2010

Every day fall boots

These boots are more for work and uni, in my opinion and I really like the colour:) I am a bit tired of always wearing black so think these will spice up cold and boring fall days. Get them (guess:) on http://www.asos.com/ £65.

More cool fall boots

I never get tired of looking at new boots, and really like these ones as well. They are sort of similar to the ones I showed yesterday. Again they are from www.asos.com to £65.
- Christina

Camilla Skovgaard look a like

A cheaper version of Kinne's cool Camilla Skovgaard boots are these from http://www.asos.com/. The first pair is £65 and the other £75.
- Christina

18 October 2010

New jacket

Ny rulamsjakke som jeg fandt i min mors skab. Hun bruger den ikke mere og jeg er ret vild med den, så nu er det min

17 October 2010

We are owls

I really want this cashmere scarf from we are owls. Buy it on shopbop.com.


Olsen twins

I love it!


Andi Clog Stirrup Ankle Boots

Love these boots from Topshop (£98), unfortunately they are sold out in my size.

- Christina

Saturday birthday party

I went to my friend's birthday party yesterday and wore cut leather layer dress from www.shopnastygal.com $110, sandals from Chanel $500 on ebay.com and clutchbag from Black Lily.

- Christina

16 October 2010


Jeg rejser til Barcelona i næste uge hvilket er ensbetydende med Zara-shopping :-). Fandt disse ting på Zaras hjemmeside, som jeg vil kigge nærmere på i Barcelona.

I'm going to Barcelona next week and I just found these things from Zara that I really like.