10 October 2010

H&M Fringe Bag

As you know I love fringes and just discovered a cheaper version of the ones I have already looked at. 199 kr. on www.hm.com. This have to be the last thing I buy this month!

- Christina


  1. Anonymous26/5/11

    Love this bag...how can I get my hands on one?

  2. I got it last year in October from their online store and unfortunately it's sold out. But maybe it will return this fall as some of their other fringe collection will. If you check their online store www.hm.com you might be lucky:)

    xx Christina

  3. Anonymous1/4/12

    How much was this bag? And is it synthetic leather? Steve Madden B Fringy bag is really similar, however the strap is studded.

  4. Hi,
    the bag was around $40 and yes, it is synthetic leather. The quality is quite good - I used it nearly everyday since I got it 1,5 year ago and it still looks new. Yes, it looks identical to the Steve Madden bag!