31 December 2010

New In - Evil Twin

Had a really good day today - first with my two friends Julie and Signe exchanging Christmas presents, then my other two friends Danielle and Cille also exchanging presents. Only two more to go and then I think that will be it for this years Christmas presents. On top of that my friend Danielle had bought all of the above on sale from Evil Twin and when I found out the jacket and peace oversize tee that I wanted for ages were on sale I had to have it too. I also got the dress that I think I might be wearing for New Years eve.

Dress £ 42.50, jacket £ 60 and tee £ 33 on www.asos.com

- Christina

30 December 2010

Dagmar & Designers Remix sale

Other finds on sale on Asos.com that I really like are these two, the first one by Designers Remix £ 115 and the second one by Dagmar £ 71.

- Christina

Acne, Alice Palmar & CC Skye

Found a lot on the Asos sale that I really want. A shame it takes so long to get here because of the snow because otherwise I would have bought the Acne dress for New Years eve. I love the Alice Palmar knitted sweater as well, just a shame it's still a bit too expensive although it's on sale.

1. Alice Palmar knitted sweater on sale from £580 to £ 290.

2. CC Skye leather cuff £ 61.50.

3. Acne Manico Swing dress £ 78. 

Get it all on www.asos.com

- Christina

Happy birthday Kinne:)

Idag er det Kinnes fødselsdag - hurra hurra hurra. Håber du får en god dag og en rigtig god tur til Paris imorgen:-)

- Christina

Muubaa sale on Asos

I want all of the above from Muubaa and with the sale now on I might consider getting one or two of the pictured.

1. Fringe jacket £ 150.

2. Biker leather trousers £ 80.

3. Leather skirt £ 75.

4. Leather suede dress £ 250.

- Christina

29 December 2010


Jeg har længe kigget på denne lækre cardigan fra Acne, og jeg har også vist den tidligere på bloggen. I går så jeg så, at jeg kunne få den på udsalg, så nu er den på vej hjem til mig :-).

New cardigan from Acne.


28 December 2010

Topshop Spring 2011

Topshop's spring 2011 girl has dual personalities; skipping between stark, crisp white minimalism and hippy, boho maximalism. But regardless of the thematics there's a common thread - symmetrical hemlines are out, tail hems and flowing layers are in (www.fashionising.com).

- Christina

Kurt Geiger

One of my favorite shoe shops in the UK is Kurt Geiger where I bought some of my favorite shoes, such as my brown/blue Carvela boots. They have already started their sale on www.kurtgeiger.com
4. Kurt Geiger Fashionistas Corso Como
With X-Factor style icon Rebecca Ferguson and International fashionista Olivia Palermo coveting these crystal courts, no wonder they have sold out in the must-have mustard. They are still available in black or jade for a purse-friendly price.
7. Kurt Geiger Athens
As seen on fierce songstress Rihanna, they are my favorite as well.
- Christina

Christmas present

My parents wanted a picture of my sister and I for Christmas so we had my personal photographer to take a picture of us. Sometimes it is nicer to receive a personal present because it is not often you get the chance to either give or receive something like that so it would definately not be the last time we do something like that.

- Christina

27 December 2010


I always drink tea several times a day and my favorite is Teapigs. At the moment I can't live without Spiced Winter Red Tea with milk and the "Tummy Toxic" Peppermint tea without milk- perfect for after dinner during this time of year. A new favorite is also Liquirice and Peppermint. If you want to try something sweet try the Creme Caramel which I would also recommend and the Popcorn Tea. My favorite summer tea is the Superfruit tea.

Get them on http://www.teapigs.co.uk/ , prices range between £3.45-£5 for 15.

- Christina

Wishlist - new winter boots

I really want some new winter boots to go with my new faux fur coat that I just got on Asos. At the moment I am living in my Uggs, but would like another pair so I have something to choose from. My favorites are the ones on the picture, they are similar to the brown ones I own, but I really want to own these ones as well ($225 on Shopbop). The first pictured pair is from Tory Burch ($170 on Shopbop) and the grey fringe Minnetonka boots are $90 on Shopbop.

- Christina

My two favorite gadgets

I'm now the proud owner of an Iphone 4 and a Macbook. Can't wait to use them both. I have already downloaded applications for my Iphone including Chanel, Zara and Topshop (all free), so I can always keep an eye on the most up to date style. The only thing that is bothering me is that Iblogger 2 is not available yet, which means that until that happens I can't update pictures on my Iphone. I guess I have to manage with my Mac laptop for now.

- Christina

Net-a-porter sale

Cool things on sale (net-a-porter.com). I'm so tempted!


26 December 2010

Wishlist for New Year's eve

Torn by Ronny Kobo has these really cute dresses perfect for New Years eve. The top one is simliar to the one I wore yesterday from H&M ($254 - I only paid 350 kr.) and the lace dress is $194. Get it on Shopbop.

- Christina

25 December 2010

Christmas day

Just got back from another "Julefrokost" at my boyfriend's mom's house. She lives a bit away from Copenhagen and as I don't have my car anymore I thought it would be a good idea to go on the train. Unfortunately it almost felt like being on the tube back in London and on top of that I had to stand up the whole way listening to people complain about the Danish public transport system  - and the weather. I am really looking forward to the snow dissapears! Luckily the food and the company outweighed the terrible trip getting there.

I am wearing H&M dress and looking happy as we are just about to open more presents for the fourth day in a row. Tomorrow will be the last day celebrating Christmas this year.

- Christina

23 December 2010


Top: Helmut Lang, cardigan: Weekday, leggings: Asos, boots: UGG and bag: Topshop.


Vintage faux fur Ebay

I am still thinking about getting a faux fur and have been looking at these vintage ones on Ebay. The first one is from Topshop vintage, the second VTG and third from Siena Studio.

- Christina

New In & Wishlist from Zara

Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and he gave me a jacket similar to the first two pictured ones. It's in a light beige and so soft I want to wear it now under a jacket and use it as a jacket when spring is approaching. I have actually been looking at the one he gave me before without telling him so he did a really good job. The third jacket pictured is definately on my wishlist and costs 2299 kr. and the dress 279 kr.

- Christina

21 December 2010

My Christmas party look

Om lidt skal jeg til julefrokost og der skal jeg have min nye Acne kjole på, Camilla Skovgaard Wedges og Yvonne Kone clutch, og så en masse sølvsmykker, som bryder det sorte lidt.
Og det er altså ikke mig på billedet, som min mor spurgte om. hehe. Det er fra Stylepaste.com

Tonight's look: My new Acne dress, Camilla Skovgaard boots and Yvonne Kone clutch. Buy it all on stylepaste.com


Chanel Iphone cover case

I am picking up my brand new Iphone 4 today and thought I had to celebrate it with a cover case and a charm. I feel as if I am getting a bit too old for Hello Kitty charms so instead I got this skull one pictured on Ebay $3.99. I also found this cool Chanel cover that lights up when receiving texts ($39.99 on EBay).

- Christina

20 December 2010


I dag har jeg været med min mor i Companys, hvor der var 40-50% på alle deres varer, for folk der har et medlemskab i Companys. Min søde mor stod i kø i lang tid, og var heldigvis nummer 4 i køen (som var ret lang), da jeg kom efter job, så vi var heldige at få fat i nogle rigtig gode ting. Jeg var så heldig at få denne fine trøje fra Soaked In Luxury, lækre jeans fra Acne og denne virkelig fine kjole fra Acne. Det er så nogle tidlige julegaver fra mine forældre - fantastisk :-).

New cardigan from Soaked In Luxury, new jeans from Acne and new dress from Acne. I love it all :-)


BZZ S/S 2011

I just discovered this really cool brand called BZZ and it’s quite clear to see that the clothes are designed in Berlin: “Creation,art,society,culture,fashion: this is what I am into. Concept is the shape of my creation. Clothes are useless, unless they drive meanings. And I design clothes to let people dress meanings” (http://www.notjustalabel.com/bzz).

I really like the fact that that you wouldn’t find a lot of other people wearing anything identical and if I were to go to Berlin anytime soon, I would definitely check the brand out.

- Christina

19 December 2010

If money wasn't an issue

Jacket: Acne, bracelet: Bjørg, boots: Acne, ring: Bjørg, ring: Bjørg and leather pants: Helmut Lang.