23 October 2010

Want to go back... to Venezuela!

Three years ago I lived in Venezuela, while studying marketing. Especially now as winter is getting closer and closer I miss it a lot. A place I can definately recommend is Los Roques - hundreds of small islands in the Carribean, definately the most beautiful place I have ever been. The only downside is that it is really expensive-both to go there and to stay there. If you pay a Venezuelan travel agency in American Dollars you are able to get a huge discount. Buying a small ice cream there was three times as expensive as ice creams in Denmark, so definately go all inclusive.

The pictures are taken at Morrocoy, another pretty beach town 5 hours from Caracas, and Isla Margarita. If you ever go to Isla Margarita from the mainland remember to buy the ferry ticket in advance - my boyfriend and I had to queue for six hours just to be able to get a ferry ticket for the day after. Everything takes longer there so don't count on trusting Lonely Planet, unless it is the newest version:)

- Christina

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