02 December 2010

Biking in heels

I found this picture on Fashionising, and for me it looked like everyday life as I often either see people wearing high heels when going on their bikes or I wear high heels when riding on my bike. But in other countries is not often you see anything similar.

When I speak with my British collegues they are often surprised that I go to work on my bike, it usually takes an hour back and fourth and it saves me time not having to exercise that much when going to the gym. I rather want to be outside on my bike than inside a boring gym on a bike. Another plus is that it's free and just as fast as going with the train or by car. However, it has been snowing a lot the last week so it is more difficult to go on a bike, which means I will have to stay longer on the step machines in the gym and spend ages on having to wait for the train. Really don't like winter, at least not the Danish winter!!

- Christina

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