07 December 2010

New In - Buys from London

I'm back from London - this was my first time ever being there at Christmas time and although I enjoyed it I must admit it was a bit stressful with all those people. A good advice would be never to go to Harrods a December Saturday afternoon!

I went into town early Saturday and looked forward to going to Topshop, BUT when I arrived there were some protesters demonstrating against the chief director of Topshop claiming he hasn't paid all the taxes he is supposed to pay. This meant that Topshop's entrance was surrounded by police and they didn't want to let anyone in. Instead I went to Urban Outfitters across the road and kept an eye on the entrance, because I didn't come all the way from Denmark without going shopping in Topshop. Lucklily the police let me in in the end, but closed the entrance after a short while, which meant that Topshop wasn't too crowded. At least not how it probably would have been on a normal Saturday in December. Nevertheless, I didn't find loads of stuff like I normally do, and didn't have the same shopping butterflies in my stomach as I usually have. I tried on a parka that I liked, but it wasn't as oversized as I would have liked it to be.

I bought another bucket bag (£40) as the one I had from Topshop broke as well as my Asos one. So hope my third time round is more lucky. I also bought the cardigan (£45) and the treggings (£38) pictured. I like the leather look a like details on both the cardigan and the treggings.

- Christina

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