28 November 2010

My 10 favorites from Zara

Kinne and I went into town today and I had a preview of what I might be buying when I go to London next weekend. Found a lot of things and cheated a bit already by buying another winter jacket (no. 2). I actually wanted one from R├╝tzou, but when I tried it on it wasn't something I was prepared to pay that much for although it was a really warm jacket. So instead I bought something much cheaper and I am sure it will keep me warm in tomorrow morning's snowstorm and the minus 17 degrees (it is only - 3, but the weather channel said it should feel like - 17!). My plan was to go to work on my bike, but think I might jump on the train instead because I don't think I will manage biking in that kind of weather.. Unfortunately the weather forecast promises snow in London too, buy I really hope they got that wrong.

1. Shoulder bag 679 kr.
2. Down feather jacket 799 kr.
3. Coat with hood 799 kr.
4. Sweater with fur shoulders 459 kr.
5. Biker boots 999 kr.
6. Leopard blazer (don't sell it in DK).
7. Dress 399 kr.
8. Leather skirt (don't sell it in DK).
9. Leather bag 999 kr.
10. Military sweater 259 kr.

- Christina

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