07 November 2010

A sunny Sunday in November

Today I went out for a walk in a park nearby with my boyfriend. Last time I went there I went there to lie in the sun, and although it's only been two months it feels like last year. But the good thing is that days like these will get me through the darkest and coldest winter months. I can definately feel that they are just around the corner and I don't like it:( A lot of my friends and collegues keep saying that they don't think I am made to live in a cold country during winter. On days like these perhaps, but that's it - the other days I dream of the summer and the SUN.

The dog beside me on the top picture kept runing after me as it seemed to think that it was his park and not mine. I am wearing leather jacket and leggings from Asos, bag from H&M, shoes from ZARA, top from Samsoe Samsoe, cardigan from American Apparel, scarf from We Are Owls and gloves from Marc Jacobs.

- Christina

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